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Pool Heating

Do you want a Smart & Cost effective Heat Pump? 

Whether you want to swim 6, 9 or 12 Months of the year, Pool Envy has a heat pump to suit.  Call or visit us in-store and we can discuss the heat pump to suit your needs.


Evo Force-i Series 

The most reliable and energy efficient year round pool heater available

Designed with the latest stepless full DC inverter compressors, fans, and control systems – all working in perfect harmony to provide optimized heating and cooling with the lowest operating costs. With higher performances, lower noise levels, and more features as standard; the Evo Force-i is the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly year round pool heater available.

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  • Extremely energy efficient, C.O.P. up to 16.28

  • Latest full stepless inverter technology

  • Heating and cooling capability

  • Built-in timers

  • intelligent colour LCD touchscreen controller

  • Wi-Fi control

  • Quiet operation

  • Robust ABS cabinet

  • Eco-friendly and safe R32 refrigerant

  • Automatic defrost system

  • Horizontal front discharge air flow

  • Simple installation

  • Guaranteed stable performance from -15°C air

  • Ideal to work with solar PV panels

Heat Pro Inverter Series

Bathe in warm, mineral water year round

Harnessing nature’s warmth, the Heat Pro uses inverter technology to save on energy costs. As it reaches the desired temperature, the revolutionary variable speed compressor decreases consumption, cutting energy use by up to 30%. WiFi-enabled, the range connects to your lifestyle. Use the Heat Pro or Pool+ Manager app to monitor and control the heating from your smartphone or tablet. Built to last from corrosion-resistant aluminium, the innovative design takes up far less space than traditional pumps. Whisper quiet at 40 decibels, it’s as discreet as a high-end dishwasher.

For best results, use the Heat Pro with the Complete Mineral Pool System for the luxury of warm, natural mineral bathing in your backyard.

Choose from a range of sizes to best suit your pool and climate.

  • Aluminium corrosion-resistant housing 

  • Variable speed compressor

  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant

  • Hydrophilic coating on heat entrapment device preventing corrosion

  • Coaxial corrugated copper tubing allows for improved airflow transfer & efficiency

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