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Salt Chlorinators are used to produce chlorine directly in to the pool from a low concentration of salt or Minerals, which are added to the pool water. With so many sanitising options available in the market today, it is important to speak to a professional to be confident that you are choosing the chlorinator that best suits your requirements. 

TH_Digital Chlorinator _No Cell__620.png

Theralux Digital Chlorinator Pro

The Digital Chlorinator Pro will save you time, money and reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining a cleaner and healthier pool. power supply, grade 1 titanium cell plates for longer life, pump protection, a low salt/mineral alarm, single-button shock dose with adjustable time settings, a 24-hour timer with multiple set points, and production control from 10% - 100%. You can set the Digital Chlorinator Pro to cater to your every need and relax in knowing your pool will remain crystal clear all year round. 

TH_Digital Chlorinator _No Cell__620.png

Vapure Salt & Mineral Chlorinator

The Vapure salt and mineral chlorinator is Australian made and 'simply reliable'. 

Features include:

Low salt operation: 3,000-3,500PPM with built in self-regulator for high salt. Backlit LCD interface displaying detailed operator instructions clearly. Smart self-cleaning cell electrode. Premium grade quick connect titanium cell for increased lifespan. Backwash, super chlorinate and winter mode functions. Single or dual timer cycles. Built in salt/TDS test. water flow and protection. Automatic battery back-up timer. Modern, slim looking power pack. Suitable for all pool surfaces including concrete, fibreglass, vinyl and tiled. pH Logix Automatic acid doser available as an optional upgrade.




The new Halo Chlor from AstralPool brings cutting edge technology to your pool, using Bluetooth® and Wifi, with a range of upgrade components to suit all your pool automation needs. The large intuitive touchscreen interface will make navigating the menu as easy as using your smart phone. Peace of mind with product developed and manufactured right here in Australia by the worlds leading manufacturer of pool equipment

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