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The filters job is to remove fine insoluble, suspended particles from the water through a screening process. As the water passes through the filter, fine particles are collected. Removing these particles also removes nutrients which assist bacterial growth, thus allowing sanitisers to work more effectively. There are 2 type of filters - Media Filters & Cartridge Filters. Speak to Pool Envy Today to see which filter is best for your pool needs.

Theralux Filter Pro Cartridge Filter 

Constructed from high impact polypropylene and the internal filter element fabricated from pleated reusable polyester fabric. The design of the internal pleating allows for maximum storage capacity of debris and aids in the cleaning process which promotes longer life. The compact design allows these filters to be placed within the smallest of plant rooms without sacrificing any water filtration capabilities.

With multiple filter sizes in the range, all pool volumes are catered for.

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Waterco Opal Cartridge Filters

The Opal cartridge filter provides sparkling clear water and requires minimal maintenance.

The filter's screw on lock ring allows easy access to the filter cartridge for removal, cleaning and installation in a matter of minutes.

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Theralux Filter Pro Media Filter 

The revolutionary twin layered tank features a strong polyethylene inner layer that is reinforced with a robust, durable fibreglass outer layer, ensuring an exceptional lifespan. Simple to operate, UV stabilised, and corrosion-resistant. Combined with Recycled Glass Filter Media it provides crystal clear water and a healthy pool all year round. 

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Waterco Micron Media Filters

Micron Media Filters embody the latest in fibreglass winding technology. Micron fibreglass vessels consist of an inner shell of fibreglass reinforced with multiple layers of continuous strands of fibreglass filaments.

The Micron Media operates on the basis of “Depth Filtration”; dirt is driven through the filter bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of filter media allowing the cleansed water to pass through the filter’s laterals and exit via the filter’s Multiport valve.

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Glass or Sand, what's the difference?

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Glass media filters particles 4 times smaller than sand media, filtering down to less than 5 Micron, versus sand which filters about 20 Micron. This allows, much clearer healthier water, Glass is well known for its ability to reduce bacterial growth in water and in the filter (no Bio-film). The clarity difference is easily visible to the naked eye. 


In general, filtration sand is less expensive than glass. However, when you factor in the cost of replacing the sand every 3-5 years, and the money that you save on water & chemicals from not having to backwash the glass as much it pays for itself withing the first 3 years

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Filtration sand should be replaced every 3 to 5 years, depending on water and debris load passing through the filter.

Glass lasts about 2 to 3 times longer than sand, about 10 to 15 years. 

If you plan to enjoy your pool for more than 5 years, glass is a better investment. Its service life, eco-friendliness and ability to obtain crystal-clear water make it the best choice. However, if you are looking for an economical short-term solution, filtration sand is more than capable of doing the job. 


No matter what type of filtration medium you choose, it is important for the filter to continue to clean the pool water properly, as many contaminants can get into it. If you wait too long between changes or if the media is poorly maintained, the filter can get clogged or fail to function properly, leaving your pool vulnerable to cloudy water, imbalances or poor circulation.

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